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Travelling Light

Just because you have a luggage allowance of two suitcases up to 30kg each does not mean you should use this allowance in full, unless of course you are relocating somewhere for a long time or returning home after an extended stay abroad.  I know this because four suitcases are a right pain to lug  into a fourth floor Parisian walk-up.  It also becomes difficult to find vehicular transport between accommodation and airport.  Utilisation of the full luggage allowance may cause you to end up wedged behind a ping-pong table (still in box) in the back seat of a relative’s car.  This could prevent you from seeing the sights of Edinburgh, or any other city.  

Furthermore, you look like a goose and people will laugh at you.  There are never that many contingency-requiring events, unless your journey involves a base camp and walking up a mountain in Nepal.


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Joining the Club

You stand at ninety degrees to the range, feet shoulder-width apart.  Hips relaxed.  Are you left-handed or right-handed?  If you are right-handed, your left eye is closest to the target.  You are definitely right-eyed.  Maybe you should be left-handed.  The club is right-handed.  Be right-handed.  Your hips are not relaxed anymore; relax your hips.  You take your knees off lock.  Look at the ball.  You look down at the ball.  Focus on the ball.  Focus.  Dummy tap, almost tap it with the tip of the club as though you are about to putt.  Almost.  You bend, replace the ball on the spot, right-handed.  Relax your hips.  Be at one with the club.  You are at one with the club. Your eyes are on the ball.  You are on the ball.  You swing up, back, relax your hips, swing forward, at one with the club.  Free air.  

You look down at the ball.

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