Goo to Cake Theory and Shortcrust Pastry

Moot's Goo to Cake Theorem

Moot's Goo to Cake Theorem

I am genetically predisposed to baking. While my mother’s side of the family have elegant long-boned hands, designed for playing the piano and other such aristocratic pursuits, I have inherited my father’s hands.  I’m pretty sure these hands are designed to shape dough.

My father’s maternal grandfather was a baker and my grandmother can bake up a storm when so inclined.  I pull my weight.   Having mastered the art of choux, with some trepidation I recently turned my attention to shortcrust.

I had a decent recipe – Stephanie Alexander’s rendition of Damien Pignolet’s instructions.  The weather was, well, not perfect pastry weather but it was workable.  With a few minor modifications to the recipe to account for not having a marble benchtop, I ended up with a pile of something which looked like it would never be shortcrust pastry.

I wrapped it up anyway and stuck it in the fridge.  An hour or so later, i unwrapped it, rolled it flat, and lined my flan case. Some time thereafter, I had made the most awesome strawberry tart atop the lightest, flakiest, most perfect shortcrust pastry I have ever eaten.  I’m sorry but there is just no room for modesty when it comes to this pastry.  And I do have a point.

My point is this: If I had looked at that pile of floury stuff and followed my brain’s instructions to work it and work it until it looked like pastry, I would have had a solid slab of pastry-coloured pottery at the base of my tart.

As in Moot’s Goo-to-Cake Theory, in pastry, and at med school, there is only one trick.  The trick is not to freak out.



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3 responses to “Goo to Cake Theory and Shortcrust Pastry

  1. *C

    So perhaps there’s still hope!

  2. *C

    …I’ve just got to work on that one trick.

  3. acennace

    Shortcrust pastry = medicine… Gotcha!
    Seriously though, congrats on successfully executing the flakiest and yummiest strawberry tart ever. Sounds yum!

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