Anatomy: 1; Toast: 0

I have gone from producing the flakiest pastry ever, to producing the flakiest anatomy exam responses ever.  Ok, so the exam doesn’t “count”, and I’m not particularly annoyed with myself… I am simply quietly bemused.  And I have learned how an anatomy exam works.

Fifteen stations, five minutes each.  Each station has a model, a bit of cadaverous material, or both.  Five structures on the model and/or specimen are stuck with pins and the task is generally to identify the pinned structures and respond to a series of questions about their function, anatomical relationship or clinical significance.

I was not very good at this yesterday.  In fact I predict that I have produced the lowest score in the cohort, which is bound to result in some sort of meeting with the King of Anatomy or a counselly-course-coordinatory person.

Interestingly, we marked our own exams, and are responsible for entering our scores into the results database thingy.  Unlike the person sitting next to me, I did not give myself extra marks for having written down the wrong thing but knowing the right answer after the fact. Seriously, what is the point of kidding yourself?

I’d rather have the meeting with the King of Anatomy and know in my heart that I need to study more.

Seventy-two days to exams.  Gulp.


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