A++ Week

My body has decided that it only needs, on average, four hours sleep per night.  My brain appears to disagree.  I think at first this started the other way around – thinking was keeping me up.  Now the rest of me is getting its revenge.  If I don’t sleep through the night tonight it is entirely possible that I will nod off in Anatomy tomorrow, which would be icky at best.

Despite my mounting sleep deficit, good things have happened this week.  I got good results on a paper and a clinical competency, balancing out the dire anatomy factor.  More importantly I have got some excellent collaborative study done, with people I enjoy spending time with.  Bits of Med Revue are taking shape, and there is a new bike in the garage (not mine).  The quest for world trivia domination took a great leap forward.  I had two baths and one beach visit.


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