Anatomy: 1; Toast: 1

Poor old anatomy, it’s not really fair of me to update the score like this since the anatomy exam was not, in fact, an anatomy exam.  It was however an exam which took place in the anatomy lab, which is more than I can say for the other two exams.

So, this week started on Monday with my head pretty much ready to explode.  First exam, Monday morning, started with good company and an average coffee; tension set to 37.7ºC (mild fever pitch).  Three hours and fifteen minutes of pure hell.  Page one, question one, Tetralogy of Fallot. D’what?  We covered that?  Well, that was twenty marks out the window right there.  The rest was a blur.  I remember the paper finished with a heart attack, which was pretty much how I finished as well.  Many shell-shocked faces.

Sitting back down to study for the afternoon I realised nothing was sticking in my head and I needed sleep.  So I lay on the bed for a half hour with my heart pounding and my head churning, then cut my losses and went around the corner for a Thai massage.  Note, I was out of town for the exams, we don’t have Thai massage where I live, worse luck for me.  This turned out to be a very good use of my time, as I remembered many things I had written in the exam and they made me laugh somewhat hysterically.  Dermatomes ≠ Desmosomes.  Just something to remember for next time.   Hot bath, music, sleep.   That was my study regime.

Tuesday started early, I read over some notes and tried not to dwell on Monday’s disaster.  Better coffee, more relaxed, the next exam turned out to be on things I actually knew.  It felt good to know something, and even better to walk out ahead of time with a spring in my step.  Killed two hours before suiting up for anatomy.  This was a weird exam.  Fifty stations, ninety seconds at each, some sort of visual prompt and a scenario (mostly clinical).  My favourite question: Stylised picture of a cell, with various organelles labelled A through E. Which of the labelled structures is responsible for producing ATP?  That, my friends, is what you call a gimme.  My hours of organelle study back in April actually paid off.

Wednesday, just tired and feeling old.  Thursday, somewhat on edge all day waiting for the dreaded “you failed and need to attend an interview” phone call.  But it never came, because I passed.  First year is over.  Just like that.



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3 responses to “Anatomy: 1; Toast: 1

  1. *C

    Ha! Your exam week so closely resembled mine – except for the Thai massage bit. I’ll take that as a hot tip for next time. Though I did fall asleep for too much of the afternoon following my Monday debacle.

    In good news for me two, it seems I passed. Who woulda thought.

    Congratulations! Look forward to a relaxing summer and the chance to get re-acquainted with some filmic favourites.


  2. acennace

    Yay TOAST! Congrats on passing the exams. We’re officially second-years now. I’m so jealous for the Thai massage. Should have gotten one after the first exam.

    Have a great summer and will see you back in a couple of months!


  3. Massages are great….once or twice after exams (when I had a job) I would go and do something like that to help me ease into holiday mode.
    Good luck for 2nd year!

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