I Love it When…

My dad makes pancakes. The words just flow. An avocado is perfectly green inside. I know things I didn’t know I knew. Exactly the right tools are on hand. A full rack of tiles is played on a triple word score. The balance of light and dark is just right. The dog barks in his sleep. You tell me how you feel, even if it makes me sad. The moon is huge. I find old notes. Everyone in the photo looks just how they’d like to. He laughs at the punchline before he’s delivered it. Clothes I like are heavily discounted. I know I’ve done a good job. Friends succeed. Everyone leaves and the house is quiet. The engine just purrs. I dodge a bullet. The cat curls into my arm. There is unexpected money in my pocket. The curve of you fits in my hand. Love wins out and happiness ensues.


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