Back to School and Two Big Questions

Question One, which I have already answered: are papaya seeds poisonous? According to Dr Wiki, they are not. In fact, they are quite edible. I found this out after eating a couple, which is what made me think of the question to begin with. The first one tasted like cucumber, and the second one more like radish. If the rest weren’t already in the compost, I’d probably try another to see whether there is progression through the salad bowl.

Big School starts again tomorrow. I’ve been reviewing the lecture slides for the first lecture. There are fifty-six slides. The lecture will go for maybe fifty-five minutes. My head already hurts.

Question Two, which I am currently pondering: do we ever really know who we are?



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5 responses to “Back to School and Two Big Questions

  1. *C

    “Do we ever really know who we are?”

    I have to answer your question with two questions: what prompted that question? And what would knowing ourselves look like?

  2. *C

    PS. How was your first day back at School?

  3. toast

    What prompted it was a philosophical discussion with a friend about identity and sense of self. I think that discussion arose while reflecting on the first year of medical school and associated turmoil. I don’t have an answer to the question itself yet, or to your second question.

  4. toast

    Haha, missed you by one minute. First day back was entertaining and not too stressful. The fifty-six slide lecture was even comprehensible. Win!

  5. *C

    Well, I know for myself, me and I are in the process of getting acquainted – but I’ve got a life time to do so, so I’m not too worried or hurried. Sometimes I think I know myself and can draw a neat border around just who I am – but then I go and surprise myself, which is a relief and a good thing. Isn’t discovering something more about ourselves a part of living and learning?

    Glad the first day went off without a hitch. I’ve still got a fortnight of idleness to enjoy, though I have bought stationery. What is becoming of me that I could spend such an inordinate amount of time contemplating which colour folder to choose? …Like somehow my sense of self was tied up in my coloured pens and two ring binders. See, you never do know yourself, do you?

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