The Fortnight Not Featuring Monster Trucks

I’m not really sure what I have learned in this first fortnight back at uni. The first few days seemed almost light-on, and for possibly the first time in this degree I had the pleasurable experience of sitting in lectures on things I actually remembered having studied before. I understood things. This was reassuring. Now however I am just feeling somewhat hazy. Not sure my brain is fully engaged.

Highlight reel of the last two weeks: Catching up with med buddies after the break, good times. Went to the Medium Smoke four times; 140km round trip. Received a small inheritance – think, enough to go overseas for a couple of months but not enough to buy a new car. Almost enjoyed a fountain in the front garden; the liquid bubbling up was not water but raw sewerage. Almost enjoyed a Monster Truck Rally in the rain; trucks had magically transformed into souped-up lawnmowers. Retired to fibro shack overlooking Lake Caca to watch Star Trek on DVD. Went swimming in the rain; felt overdressed. Revolution in the Medical School: Coffee now allowed into lecture theatres and tute rooms. First dissection session in the anatomy lab; learned I am ambidextrous when it comes to scalpel use. That was a nice surprise. Managed to get the word ‘Gynaecomastia’ into a song. Made jelly shots using Cointreau, Frangelico and lime; tasty and lethal.

All in all a pretty good couple of weeks.



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2 responses to “The Fortnight Not Featuring Monster Trucks

  1. Imogen Maddock

    Amen to that last sentence.

  2. Imogen Maddock

    My bad. Second last sentence. zomg!

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