Last Minute Lucy

Please note that my name is probably not lucy.

I had an assignment due today and i finished it for submission five minutes before the deadline. Which in my book is five minutes early. However, to achieve this pinnacle of timeliness, I offered up an entire weekend, one sleepless night, nine times more research papers than the ones I ended up referencing, a Friday, two hours in the anatomy lab, three swims, four dog walks, one episode of The Mentalist (I know, I know, it’s crap, but it amuses me and it’s all I really watch). Not to mention the weight I did not pull around the house, the calls I did not make, and the time I did not spend with someone somewhere better.

This was not a paper which came by surprise. In fact, I knew I had to do it over a year ago. I took too long to choose a topic, and I over researched it to the nth degree. And for some bizarre reason I could not choke the words out in a measured and reasonable way in order to balance my time and enjoy at least part of a weekend. I don’t want to do that again.


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