Well Supported

Vague, unmotivated, dangerously forgetful, hair-trigger grump factor, not sleeping well, tired. Inability to focus on any one thing for longer than fifteen minutes. Sense of humour intact. Drinking coffee to stay awake through the day. Not eating well. Not motivated to exercise, trouble getting out of bed. Look, I know all this is self-perpetuating. Can’t sleep -> tired -> no exercise -> no endorphins -> tired -> coffee -> no focus -> things to do -> coffee -> can’t sleep -> tired -> low mood -> can’t sleep -> tired. But wired. Awake at completely the wrong end of the day.

Ran out of St John’s Wort ‘Mood Support’ (recommended by my GP, seems to help). Went to the supermarket: No St John’s Wort. Felt grumpy. Was amused by feeling grumpy. Shared thought with friend who decided that SJW being for ‘mood support’ made her mood feel high-maintenance. Agreed that boobs get support, thus why shouldn’t moods? Henceforth all moods will be described according to cup size, from A to Double D.

Current mood = C. More than a handful; not so low that I can’t see the funny side.

Solution: Work more, sleep more, live more, have more fun. With apologies to Laura Marling. Which reminds me, I haven’t been swimming in weeks.


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  1. selenocentric

    Haha, were is that pesky “like” button when you need it? Reading your entry made my “A” mood increase to a full “B”, perhaps a “C” 😉

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