Your Taxes At Work

I can’t help myself, I have to rant. So seven weeks ago I lodged a tax return, through a tax agent, supposed to take two weeks to process. The Australian Tax Office has been doing a major computer system overhaul, so I was warned my refund could take a month. It’s more than a month. Looked on the ATO website, seems like my refund is one of the unlucky ones taking longer. Kindly however, the tax office provides a phone number you can call if you would like to check on the progress of your refund. So helpful.

Call One: “Thank you for calling the ATO. Our service is currently experiencing peak demand and we are unable to answer your call at this time. Our website may have the answer to your question.” Um. Why answer the phone to tell me you can’t answer the phone? That just costs me money and annoys me.

Call Two: “Welcome to the ATO individual info line” … follow the prompts to track progress of my individual tax return … “If your return was lodged electronically, you should receive a refund within two weeks of lodgment.” Ah yeah I know that, that’s why I’m calling. “If your return was lodged more than two weeks ago, please call the number you just called to speak to an operator for assistance. _click_” Um, why make me go through the button-pushing process to tell me something I already know, and then hang up on me? Why exactly do they think I was calling?

Calls Three- Five: As per Call One.

Head-desking violently now.


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