Weekend in Revue

I have been occupying my non-study time with our first ever Med Revue. We had two shows last weekend, and it was fabulous. It was not the slickest of operations, but it was a heck of a lot of fun, and if people didn’t like it, they’ve not told me. There is so much talent in our school. Dancers, singers, musicians, comedians… The best thing from my perspective was the opportunity to get to know people from different cohorts and friendship groups, it really feels like we built some bonds across the school.

On a more personal level, the lead-up to, and execution of, the production gave me a new perspective on my friendships and the people I can count on. I honestly feel humbled by the generosity of my med friends, old and new, and I hope I can repay their support and enthusiasm. I can’t imagine how things would have been without their energy and willingness to pick up loose ends. If the teamwork, humour and initiative shown are anything to go by, Australian, Canadian and Indonesian medicine have a great bunch of future doctors on their way through our school.

I think for a lot of us, Med Revue was an unknown quantity and we are only just now appreciating its reach. Yesterday on hospital placement, five of us were examining a patient with our preceptor when a Registrar joined us to examine a Baker’s Cyst. He quietly wandered over to me and said “Hey, were you in Med Revue? You were really good.” Buzz. I kinda forgot there’d be more than just friends and family there. Especially when mooning the audience in rather floral underpants. Ah well.



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2 responses to “Weekend in Revue

  1. selenocentric

    Am very glad med revue was a hit and still really bummed to have missed it!

  2. Imogen Maddock

    You WERE really good. A total crack up, in fact. The vertebral column of the show, shall we say?

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