Neuro Block

I had two lectures today from a man who is undoubtedly brilliant but also most probably jetlagged. Something about Local Anaesthetics, and something about Spinal Pathways. I remember understanding two words: Conquistador, and cocaine.

The anaesthetics lecture was not too bad, but the Spinal Pathways? It probably doesn’t help that the lecture schedule has recently been jumbled up and we have therefore missed the (probably pivotal) lecture on Organisation of the Nervous System… I mostly felt that a good place to start for a Spinal Pathways lecture might be to say what a Spinal Pathway is, and why it matters. But that’s probably my Arts degree speaking.

So, after about forty minutes of incomprehension, I found myself deeply amused at the confusion and on the brink of despair for the next eight weeks of Neuro Block. Neuro Block sounds like a local anaesthetic, but is actually a set of fortnights in which we will allegedly be taught stuff about the Nervous System. I’m hoping “Nervous System” does not mean “method by which we will make you anxious”, though its positioning in the curriculum suggests that this is in fact the correct interpretation. You see, straight after Neuro Block, we are set to be examined on eighteen months of medical education.

Teetering thus on the brink of despair, I started laughing. That made it all feel so much better. Oh and wait, I learned a new word: Decussate. This does not mean ‘break the habit of swearing’, though it probably should.

When in doubt, chortle. Or swear. Whatever makes you less nervous.


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  1. Imogen Maddock

    Decussate is also one of my new favourite words. Along with fasciculus, commonly mispronounced by said lecturer as ‘faliculus’.

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