I study at a satellite campus. For the first eighteen months of my degree, the thirty-odd of us based on the ‘rural’ campus spend a day a week on the main campus. The university provides a bus, at no cost to us. But the time it takes to get there and back makes for a twelve hour day – with more dead time than most med students are normally comfortable with. Meanwhile, our colleagues in the medium smoke are reading textbooks in the bath. Or so I imagine. Not that I like to imagine my colleagues in the bath.

This is a minor disadvantage in the scheme of things. There are other more significant disadvantages to being allocated to the satellite campus for the first phase of the degree, for me mostly related to the second and third phases. There are plenty of fellow satellitians who feel that we have been ‘shafted’. It’s not the same experience across the two campuses, and it’s not an equal experience.

That said, every so often I suck up the fresh air, listen to the birds and take in an amazing view like this one. Those shafts of light seem to make it all worthwhile.


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