I used to fly to Rome a fair bit for work. Those days are long gone. If I could be there tomorrow, these are the things I would enjoy…

Coffee. That’s an obvious one. Walking through the Jewish Quarter from where the bus would drop me off near the Teatro Marcello, getting lost in the strange back alleyways, filling up my waterbottle from an ancient water pipe. Popping out through a ruined archway somewhere near the Portico di Ottavia and getting a slice of pizza cut to size and sold by weight. Mmm pizza with rocket and freshly shaved parmesan. Zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovy. Cobblestones. Vespas. Ochre-coloured walls. Ruins. Flowers at the Campo Fiori, not quite sure how I got there. Rounding the corner to see the Trevi Fountain. Gelato, eaten with a plastic spoon from a cone while perched in front of the Pantheon. Men in robes. The Spanish Steps, for Keats and Shelley. Shopping for clothes. Shopping for leather. Those crazy honking sirens. More ruins. Bellinis. Piazza Navona, for the sculpture. Salami. Pasta somewhere, with peas. House wine, red. Dim light. Limoncello. Sore feet. My hotel. Too much velvet, too many mirrors, and strange bathroom linen. Sleeping like a baby.


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  1. *C

    Si si, volevo un piccolo pezzo di pizza… con accuighe e pomodoro, grazie!


    I should be daydreaming in dermatomes and neural pathways, but instead you remind me of the sound of heels on cobblestones, crazy traffic and impossibly orange organges. Damn you!

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