The state of Australian politics is a source of constant disappointment for me. Now that campaigning for the November federal election has officially commenced (though I honestly believe it has been going on for the last two years), I am once again struck by the depths to which the major parties choose to descend in their efforts to appeal to ‘working Australians’ or ‘Australian families’. Ugh, I feel ill just repeating gunky catchphrases like those.

I could catalogue the distortions, scaremongering, the populist rhetoric and the lastest incarnations of wedge politics. But I won’t because it hurts my brain to let all that crap linger in there for too long, and I need to keep enough room for all the medical stuff I need to know for exams next month.

Suffice to say this: The thing that irks me above all else in the grey-on-grey of the Australian political landscape is the blatant assumption that the electorate is dolt-ridden and imbecilic. Sure, there’s been a dumbing-down of the media, and some might say the same of the education system. But we’re not a nation of idiots, and I am tired of politicians speaking to us as though we are.

Conversely, it is said that we get the government we deserve. Looking at our representatives on both sides of Parliament, maybe we are that freakin’ stupid.

[Bob Brown aside. He’s incredible.]


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