Lend Me Your Watches

It would be false of me to pretend that I am anything other than inept when it comes to the idea of time. I am not punctual. In fact I am downright tardy in most things. This is not a quality appreciated by the medical profession, and therefore I know I need to work on my awareness of minutes and seconds. I need a sense of how long five minutes is. How long it takes me to get ready for stuff. And so on. I know it.

Anyway tonight I have a story…

This afternoon I had Cliniskillz at 13:30. I frequently cut it very fine with my arrival at this compulsory class, but I shouldn’t. The facilitator’s judgement on punctuality forms part of the assessment of my ‘professional development’ for the course. So today, as I was driving in, on the speed limit, my eye on the clock as well as the road and the speedo… I realised I had achieved peak efficiency! I would be walking in the door exactly one minute prior to the start of the class!

I duly parked the car, crossed the carpark to see two of my fellow students pulling up in their car… confirming my Peak Efficiency! Sadly, however, as I entered the hallowed hall of the Glorious School of Medicine, the Time Keeper was in the hall tapping her clipboard [no kidding, tapping her clipboard].


“Tsk tsk tsk”


My colleagues walk in behind me. The Timekeeper and the Hall Monitor both launch in at them.

“We’re not late!” they appeal…

“We go by the clock in the common room. You are five minutes late and the class has already started”

“THE CLOCK IS FIVE MINUTES FAST” [you speshal peeple!]

We all proceed to the designated skillz lab AND WAIT 10MINS FOR THE GP TO REALISE THE CLASS IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE STARTED. 


The End.



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2 responses to “Lend Me Your Watches

  1. yay

    Why has no-one adjusted the common room clock?

    At one of my jobs I spent a few months adjusting the clock by a few minutes each week… The final hour before closing was always dead as anything anyway.

  2. Hahahaha… Scaryhair and Turnip…
    Seriously, that seems to be the common thing between Zegong and Shaven. Our clinical skills nurses don’t seem to understand: ‘we just came out of a lecture that ran late, but we’re all here now’.

    On the other hand, it so annoys me when med students nonchalantly walk into the lecture 5-10 mins late. The dementia lecturer today was outside the theatre before Dave even finished, so everyone must know that lecture would start exactly at 4:30… NO. Probably more than 15 people came in late to that lecture… Aarghhhh..,

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