Q: What’s White and Crunchy…

… and doesn’t belong in a macadamia nut?

Perhaps I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep, or perhaps it was spontaneous disintegration of a poor bit of dental work from prehistoric times, but anyway, whatever, I celebrated my first day of stuvac by exploring the emergency dental treatment options available to me on the first day of a holiday weekend in Tinytown. These involved waiting until everything re-opened on Tuesday and crossing my fingers someone would see me, or driving 170km.

It may seem an extreme option, but faced with the choice between tooth-pain related study impediments or long-drive related study impediments, i will take the drive option every time.

I used the opportunity to think harder about the mechanism of action of local anaesthetics, and the distribution of vessels/nerves in my mouth. I had a while to think about this, because my tongue and half my mouth stayed numb for a good five hours. As did my hip pocket nerve. It is still experiencing some parasthesia. Possibly because I know how much phase two of fixing my tooth will cost: More than I will earn this year. Seriously.


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  1. Sounds like my little saga that ended up with a root canal and pretty much a tooth reconstruction. Painful in so many ways…

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