Wah wah exams wah wah boo yuk. That is all. On the other hand, things could have been worse. And in about a week I’ll know if I have to resit them, and if I do have to resit them, I don’t believe I’ll care. Because in some weird way there were aspects of the exam that I quite enjoyed, and I wouldn’t mind doing them again, because if I had to, I feel confident that I’d pass with just those couple more weeks polish to settle my mind. Now that is really all I have to say about exams.

Actually no it isn’t, because I just said there was something I enjoyed about them, and that is a strange thing to say. For me, anyway. So, what I enjoyed was, knowing the answers. Not to everything, but to enough to make me enjoy knowing. And on the second day, I had a beautiful moment about an eighth of the way through, where I thought wow, I’m sitting a Medicine exam. That’s really cool. That’s what I enjoyed.

However I do not enjoy not knowing whether I passed. Next time I would like to have better filing systems for my knowledge so that I can find the answers better in my brain. Then I would have more confidence and I could just quietly smile and not kick myself.

Now I really have nothing further to say on the matter.

Except this. GABA A receptors. That is all.


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One response to “Retrogradexamnesia

  1. Imogen Maddock

    GABA -freakin AAAAA!!!

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