Best Before

Consider this a filler post while I work up the energy to write about the vascular ward, please.

Tonight I made the mistake of doing the supermarket shopping after a twelve-hour work day and before eating anything. Under the circumstances I think i did well, with fruit and veg making up much more of the basket than icecream. And after I ate dinner and ironed enough clothing to see me through the week, I ate a single serve of Sara Lee chocolate icecream. There is something innately sad about a single serve tub of icecream. (I’m talking about a genuine single serve tub, a cup if you like, not a 500ml tub eaten by one person watching Bridget Jones and surrounded by a box of soggy Kleenex). My icecream screamed bachelor at me. But it was tasty, and it had a little stamp on its side: “Best Before 13 March 2011 10:15am”.

Yeah. In the unlikely event that I don’t eat its twin pack companion until say, 12:04pm on the thirteenth of March next year, I may forever wonder whether it would have been just that little bit better if I’d eaten it a couple of hours earlier.


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One response to “Best Before

  1. I like single serve icecream cups!

    Oh, and I can haz blog to follow! 😀

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