Awesome Career Move #37: The Diesel Mechanic

An extract from Play of the Week.

Vascular Surgery Weekly Meeting.

Surgeon 1, A Man.
Surgeon 2, A Woman.
Registrar 1, A Man With European Accent.
Registrar 2, A Woman.
Resident, A Woman.
Intern, A Man.
Med Student 1, Girl Genius.
Med Student 2, Boy Genius.
Med Student 3, A Woman in Comfortable Shoes.

Registrar 1 is on the third slide of his presentation on Compartment Syndrome. Surgeon 1 has commenced a critique of Registrar 1‘s use of the word ‘volume’ instead of ‘space’.

SURGEON 1: I don’t mean to nitpick here, but you’re talking about reduction in compartment volume. That should be reduction in space. It’s not reduction in volume, because liquid can’t be compressed.

REGISTRAR 1: Well… In the textbooks, they are saying reduction in volume.

SURGEON 1: But you can’t compress liquid, can you. [looks around table] Can you?

[REGISTRAR 2, INTERN and RESIDENT look at ground. REGISTRAR 1 looks confused. SURGEON 2 remains impassive.]

SURGEON 1: [looks at Med Students] Come on, one of you must know something about physics. You can’t compress a liquid, can you.

[MED STUDENT 1 looks startled. MED STUDENT 2 shifts in seat.]

MED STUDENT 3: Well, actually, you can compress a liquid. Diesel is a liquid, and it is compression that makes a diesel engine work. You compress the liquid, and it explodes.

[SURGEON 1 looks shocked. SURGEON 2 smirks brightly]

MED STUDENT 3: But if your point is that the compartment space is reduced rather than the volume, well, yes, it’s a confusing way of putting it, but you’re both saying basically the same thing.

Fancy that, an Arts graduate with a minor in diesel mechanics.

I wish you could have been there.



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5 responses to “Awesome Career Move #37: The Diesel Mechanic

  1. *C

    Women in comfortable shoes will take over the world!!! Mwahahaha!

  2. KT

    Toast, Yay sent me here. I didn’t know you had a blog! Love this tale from the Vascular meeting. 🙂
    KT (aka GrammarGirl)

  3. Imogen Maddock

    BAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA that is freaking awesome!!! maybe the surgeon was thinking of water, which cannot be compressed… but if he’s going to nitpick, he should at least do so correctly… 😛

  4. It is one of my great aims in life to always be the woman in the comfortable shoes.

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