Part of studying medicine is learning a new language, and part of learning a new language is relating new words and concepts to words or concepts which are already familiar. By considering the constituent parts of new words or expressions, one can often deduce the meaning of the whole. A few translations I am especially pleased with:

A plant growing from a synovial joint, much like a rock orchid.

To be shitting stars.

A surgical procedure in which goldfish nibble bits off you.

Amaurosis Fugax
A brightly coloured poisonous mushroom.

Lap Collie
A small Lassie-like dog.

And now for your added benefit, here are my explanations of some common medical abbreviations:

Patient SOOB: Patient Sitting On Own Bottom.
PUIT: Pees Upright in Tube.
HSDNM: Heard Something, Does Not Matter.
JVPNR: Jolly, Very Pink, No Reflux.
RTA: Read The Armband (while feeling pulse)

Feel free to let me know of any medical terminology, jargon or abbreviations you would like clarified.


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  1. eventuator

    This is hilarious

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