One week’s break is not long enough to move home, unpack, do all the washing, dry it, fold it, put it away,introduce the bunny to free-ranging in the backyard, go away for a weekend, foster two goats, relax, catch up on study, pay all the bills, and weed the garden. It just isn’t.

While removing the weeds from 1/600th of the garden today – I chose an oddly shaped paved area – I had some good thinking time. I used this time for such quality thoughts as, well, the following.

You’d think with all the herbivores in my garden this week, ONE of them might have had the decency to eat some weeds. The weeds which are the hardest to pull up are also the ones with lovely juicy earthworms amongst their roots. I conclude that earthworms promote root growth. How do worms survive under all this weird concrete/paving/asphalt crap? Why would anyone deliberately put this oddly shaped area of paving/concrete/asphalt in their garden? There is so much grass here in these pavers. Maybe I should concrete or pave all the areas of lawn the chickens have scratched to bare dirt, so that grass will grow there again.

Ooh yuck an earwig. Maybe I should have fed that to the chooks. Ooh, was that a termite? Or just a very brown funny-shaped ant? Maybe we should knock down the shed like they suggested in our building report. I wonder if the shed is full of termites, I can’t remember if that was why they said we should knock it down. Maybe it’s just a general hazard. Right, this earwig is going to the chooks. Chooks! Here’s an earwig! No! Over there! I hope they find it. If we knocked down the shed, we could build a better shed. Wait, stop thinking about building a better shed. You’re supposed to be building townhouses. I wonder how much it costs to build townhouses. I wonder how much it would cost to put in some french doors and turn the extension into a second bedroom. That extension is so dodgy. I wonder if it was even approved. Hm there’s a hole in my glove. I wish those goats had eaten these weeds.

What is a weed, a weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place. Or a bit of grass. Ooh this one has burrs. Right, get all the burr-y ones. Hello cat. Ooh you’re vomiting. Dog! Leave him alone! Go away! Oh hell eat it then you filthy hound. MUST you make that slurping noise? Gross. NO, don’t even THINK about licking me. Ugggh shudder. Go away! Burr-y ones. Ooh spider. Another spider. Why must spiders hide here? Sorry, spider.

A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place. A picture of a red poppy growing from a grey concrete crack. Falling in love at the wrong time or with the wrong person. Another juicy worm for the garden, no wonder that one was so hard to pull out. My god this is going to take for ever. I have dirt under my fingernail, I should throw these gloves out. A bath? Now? Yes, I’ll have a bath, I’d love a bath, I haven’t had a bath in… forever. I could shave my legs. Just one more burr-y one…

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  1. selenocentric

    hehehehe, this post reminded me so much of my own thoughts, or train of thought a lot of the time. Gave me a good giggle, thanks toasty one. =)

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