Baby Catch Numero Uno

Loads has been going on. This is my first clinical rotation at ‘home’, and it’s been great to be home with my girl and our assorted beasties. I’m liking getting to know the local hospital on a full-time basis, rather than the three-hour, once a month visits we had in the first phase of the course. And it’s full-time: the last couple of days have been 12 hours plus. I know, I know, wait for intern year… but at least then I’ll be getting paid.

This is an obstetrics and gynaecology rotation, and the ward is run by midwives rather than doctors. They are being very generous with their expertise, and I am learning loads. Especially things like avoiding perineal tears, which is a fine thing to know.

Having assisted at a few deliveries, today I was officially allowed to ‘catch’ the baby. He came safely into the world, a little speedier than anticipated, and mum was very pleased not to need stitches.

My happiness was topped off when the midwife wrote up the baby’s identification card. Most often on this ward, the ‘Doctor’ line is left blank, but for this little fellow, it read….

Doctor: Toast (Student Doctor)

… wow that feels good.

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