If Wishes Were Fishes I’d Have A Rainbow Trout

After loving psychiatry so much, my rotation through the maternity ward reminded me of all the things I will miss out on if I follow the psych pathway instead of rural general practice like I had always planned. So the seed of doubt is planted.

Luckily I have a good few years to figure it all out and see where I best fit. That’s assuming I pass everything… Exams are more than seven months away but I’m already starting to feel some niggles of apprehension. I think this is mainly because of my intractable lack of organisation. Grand intentions and massive failure to follow through.

I feel like I need a system and I don’t have one. Bits of mind maps, bits of flash cards, bits of handwritten notes, bits of typed up ones. I doubt I’m the only med student in the world who struggles with this, but the balance of evidence suggests that the majority have neat folders, stacks of home made flash cards, and reams of tidy notes which are complete and cover a single topic per page.

I basically have a couple of lumps of blutac, some string, and a dog-eared spiral-bound pad of coloured paper covered in multi-coloured random scribble and semi-logical diagrams. Couple this with a misshapen muesli bar, a paper clip attached to a blue rubber band, a petrol receipt and one of those individually-wrapped tropical fruit Mentos you get at conferences, and you have my study compendium.

The electronic equivalent is presented below.

Or, Mac 'Sticky Notes' And How They Work For Me

How about that… Informative and colourful.

( … help me … )


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5 responses to “If Wishes Were Fishes I’d Have A Rainbow Trout

  1. *C

    I’ve got Circus Pony’s notebook program. It can be a really annoying program – but all my notes are indexed and organised and it’s easy to search for things and summarise. Even though I hate it at times, it makes me look like I’m on top of things (NB. appearances can be deceiving).

  2. yay

    I often arrived at the conclusion that I needed a system. I never actually managed to implement such a thing however.

    After finishing uni, while I was throwing out the piles of paper waiting to be incorporated into a system, I realised that the act of writing was perhaps more pertinent to learning than the act of filing neatly. It occurred to me that if, down the track, I thought of something that had been mentioned at uni and wished to revisit the topic, my first port of call would be google rather than my hypothetical files of learnage.

    I also recommend a book called A Perfect Mess by some guy who might be a psychologist or something. He explores the filing systems used by folks like me (I tend to go with the geological approach – a pile of crap, with items located according to the period of time when they were “laid down”) and he argues that it is actually more efficient to work with what comes naturally to you than to try and fit yourself into an Ikea-like organising regime.

    I was going to look in my pile of stuff for the name of the guy who wrote the book (I last used it in 2009, which assists me in locating it) but then I asked Dr Google instead. See paragraph 2. Eric Abrahamson is thee name 😀

  3. DaiQ

    1) Did you remember to reschedule Kate

    2) 262 unread email messages?!?!?!?!?

  4. DaiQ

    Oh, and
    3) I know those psych drugs thanks to the notes on the back of our toilet door that have been there since the lead up to the end of year exams last year!

  5. DaiQ

    4) and don’t forget to call Warwick (i know a Warwick, i wonder if it is the same one, he is a great guy)

    You can now see my levels of organisation based on the multiple replies on a single topic, ask to see my colour coded diary sometime 😉

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