We Officially Own A Phone Line Together

A few days ago I had cause to call the telephone company, and when we were finished with the business of changing phone plans, the customer service rep asked if there was anything else she could do for me. Yes, I said, I’d like to enquire about having my partner named on the account. “Sure,” she said, “what’s his name?”

Here we go, I thought. “Her name…” Immediate profuse apologies followed, and my partner’s name was duly added to the account.

So what?

Well. For as long as I’ve been in same-sex de facto relationships, I’ve been told by utility companies that you can only have two names on the bill if we are blood relations or married or in a heterosexual de facto relationship.

Every relocation or change of provider, we try again. The closest we got was with a gas company who listed my partner as Mr., much to her annoyance.

Two years ago, with both our names on the mortgage? Still not good enough.

So strike me down, After ten years living together, we have a phone account in both our names.

I don’t know exactly what just changed in the world, but apparently 2010 will go down in history as the year we gained the right to adopt as a couple, and the year the phone company decided we exist.

I’m being somewhat facetious, but honestly, it feels good to be acknowledged as a couple even in such a tiny tiny way.



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2 responses to “We Officially Own A Phone Line Together

  1. DaiQ

    Integral Energy are currently the only one of our utilities that will put both me and LSEM on the bill despite our unmarried state (and indeed allowed me to list our relationship as “living in sin” much to both mine and the customer service person’s delight), phone company will not let us unless we are married and even then will only actually print one name. But go Integral Energy! They may be expensive, i don’t know, but they have assured brand loyalty from me forever 😀

    I have a fiend who has an issue with one of her utility providers who will not recognise that she and her husband are married, because they still have different last names – even providing a marriage certificate didn’t change their mind.

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