And So It Continued.

The next day was Tuesday. We saw the GP in the morning and she thought Ma looked a little jaundiced in the eyes. We did bloods for liver function, and then we tootled off for the weekly hour-long drive to the central markets.

We all like the market trip because it reminds us of Pa. But it is completely unnecessary. The money we save on meat, we blow on petrol.

Before we go home Ma bought me some doughnuts, and as we passed the queue for the ATM she said, let’s stop at the Local Shops, I need to get some money out.

On the trip home she changed her mind. Oh, let’s stop at the Not-So-Local Big Supermarket, we need milk and I can get money out there.

We parked in the disabled parking space and as we walked up the ramp to the shop Ma took out her ATM card. Wait on, Toast, she says, I need to get some money out.

As she turned to insert her card into this machine, she realised her mistake.

Not A Money Machine.

Well, it is a hole in the wall. And she was after liquid assets…


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