This is the fourth week back at uni, I am in third year, and I am supposed to know stuff. Sadly for the last week or so I have found myself completely thrown by the simplest of questions.

Read an ECG? Blank. Describe the sounds inside that lung? Blank. Save the life of Sim-Man? Blank.

Where I get really frustrated is when I know that I once knew something and I can’t recall it. I know I used to understand how ECG worked and how to read it; I’ve left it for too long and I can only get halfway there.

These frustrations have been adding up. I’ve been getting increasingly stressed, grumpy and despondent. I’ve been feeling like the biggest dummy known to medical school, ever.

Yesterday I had a reassuring talk with a registrar who I followed a couple of weeks ago. He reminded me of the endless sea of medical knowledge, and that we can’t hold it all no matter how much we swallow.

Still, I hate not being able to spit stuff out when it counts.


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  1. moot

    hold firm toast! one week at a time etc 🙂

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