Surgery II: That II Looks Like a Razor

Poor surgery. I absolutely failed to write a single word about this rotation, though I enjoyed it and seem to have learned a great deal.

My first hospital rotation was in Vascular Surgery last year, and the most pleasant memory I have from that rotation was a warm custard danish I managed to collect at a pre-dawn meeting.

And so it was with a certain amount of dread that I approached General Surgery, though I had heard great things about the surgical consultants and the anaesthetics team in Tinytown Hospital.

Sure enough, the team was great, the surgeons and anaesthetists keen to teach, the patients interesting, and in general I seem to have avoided doing anything ridiculous. I even managed to cannulate someone.

While I spent a lot of time in the operating theatre this time around, I somehow managed not to scrub in at all.

In the first week or so my non-scrubbing was down to a graze on my wrist which seemed to have cultivated an infection which triggered disturbing olfactory memories of MRSA. Then in the last week of the rotation I sliced off a sizeable chunk of my finger in an incident involving a car key, a pair of socks and a safety razor. Surprisingly, MacGyver was not present at the time.

Had MacGyver been in attendance, he probably could have saved me from submitting my assignment half an hour late by occluding my peripheral arteries for me, allowing me to type with one hand rather than one elbow. Expect to hear the story of “How I Failed My Personal Reflection”.

If you’re prone to fainting, please lie down for a moment, because I feel the need to tell you that after I finished typing with my elbow and a vague seal had formed over the wound, I noticed that it smelled like egg white.

I don’t know why I didn’t scrub into surgery in the intervening two-three weeks, maybe it had something to do with an unconscious yet disturbing habit of sniffing at wounds.

Doesn’t matter. I liked surgery and it seems to have liked me. No career plan changes though. Nobody loves a one-eyed surgeon, no matter how good she smells.


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  1. toast

    Did not fail my personal reflection. Win.

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