Medicine is for Masochists

The closer I get to exams, the more I hate myself for my stupid lack of study coherence and the less I remember why I am doing this to myself. And to those around me. [insert flogging noises]

I’m waking up at ridiculous hours and it’s not helping me remember all the things I need to know. And yet I am stupidly easily distracted. I need a burrow or something. A burrow with a heater, some blankets, caffeine and food I don’t have to think about or wash up after.

Meanwhile my long-suffering MPYCC is sweating over Law lectures and generally tearing her hair out over my vagueness and the simmering sub-surface stress that accompanies this time of year.

Medicine. Seriously, why?



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2 responses to “Medicine is for Masochists

  1. Jessie

    I often think the same thing. (re med and masochists)

    But then, you’ll get that ‘S’, and it’ll be amazing how great you feel (well, that’s what I remember from last year anyway!). And then there’s 10 quite reasonable months to follow.

    We can do it!! 😀

  2. Jessie

    Come on – it’s time for a post-exams happiness update!! 😀

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