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Phase III: Randomised Clinical Try-All

I’ve done eight of thirty-eight weeks of clinical placement, and yes, I’ve started counting them.

I do two full days a week of General Practice in a small town a half-hour drive away, half a day in the Emergency Department of my local hospital, a day on campus, and sundry random activities to fill up the rest of my timetable.

The random activities to date have included placements with a dentist, an optometrist and a diabetes educator, a day of oncology, radiology, and a weekend on the labour ward (yay babies). These were all good learning experiences.

It has taken me this long to find my footing in the ED, but I feel like I know now what it is I’m supposed to be doing there. Even better, I have an approximate idea of how to do it.

One day a week, my GP placement feels like utter drudgery. The other day is fine. The practice staff are great, and the GP Registrar in particular makes me feel like I’m part of the team.

The day of utter drudgery is putting me right off General Practice as a career. This is a little disturbing. Rural GP was pretty much the plan from the get-go.

On the upside, there are a couple of patients who I’ve been seeing for repeat visits on mental health matters. Those consultations are definitely my comfort zone.

I’m not at the point of taking GP off the table, but I’m definitely adding dishes to the smorgasbord.

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