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Conversation of the Week

Her: … So have you killed anybody yet?
Me: No… What makes you think I’m in a position to kill anybody?
Her: Oh I don’t know, maybe you prescribed the wrong drugs or something.
Me: No, I’m not actually a doctor yet, I can’t prescribe anything… But hopefully when I’m qualified, I’ll manage to avoid killing anyone.
Her: Well we were watching Doc Martin the other night and there was a locum and he was giving everyone the wrong medications, I don’t think his training was very good. That made me think of you.

Gee, thanks.


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Possibly Neglected to Mention

In no particular order, since June:
Received a one-year rural medicine scholarship.
Did my first Arterial Blood Gas ‘Stab’ – Easy as.
Still suck at plain old cannulation.
Attended an arrest call and kept out of the way.
Told by patient “You look like kd lang… not in a bad way.”
Got my hair cut on the back porch for $10. Trauma-free.
Started Bootcamp and got hooked.
Survived 12 days at home without The Girl and Yellow Dog of Happiness.
Spent a day as interviewer for Med School applicants.
Started interval training for running, again.
Buggered my knees, see above.
Don’t care, not stopping.
Avoided Med Ball.
Ooh, was in Med Revue. Again.
Remain madly in love with Girl.
Flirty guy doctors. Wrong tree.
Random encounters with mothers of two babies I delivered last year.
Delivered one baby.
Attended 21st birthday party (possibly first since own).
Mistaken for Senator Penny Wong. Sense recurring theme.
Stephanie Alexander’s chocolate chip cookie recipe is exceptionally good.
Jointly disposed of 3x large bin bags of oversized clothes.
Mostly just happy.


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Closing Doors, Open Windows

I don’t know what I thought General Practice would be like, and I honestly don’t know yet why I don’t enjoy it. I just don’t. Though it does have its bright sparkly moments. Today a woman in the waiting room recognised me as the person who delivered her baby a year ago. That was a bright moment – and yet not actually related to General Practice. Unless I were a GP/Obstetrician… which is not out of the question.

At this point, very little is out of the question.

So, I’m taking opportunities where they arise. I’ve signed up for some extra paediatric placements, and take every opportunity I can to see kids in the Emergency Department. I’ll spend some more time in oncology if I can. And a very kind person has arranged for me to spend a couple of days with a team in a sub-specialty of psychiatry, outside of my placement area. I’m excited like it’s an overseas holiday.

I would like an overseas holiday – one thing that IS out of the question.

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