Conversation of the Week

Her: … So have you killed anybody yet?
Me: No… What makes you think I’m in a position to kill anybody?
Her: Oh I don’t know, maybe you prescribed the wrong drugs or something.
Me: No, I’m not actually a doctor yet, I can’t prescribe anything… But hopefully when I’m qualified, I’ll manage to avoid killing anyone.
Her: Well we were watching Doc Martin the other night and there was a locum and he was giving everyone the wrong medications, I don’t think his training was very good. That made me think of you.

Gee, thanks.



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3 responses to “Conversation of the Week

  1. Value-adding conversation, that.


  2. Well, I was watching Doc Martin the other week too, and I’m pretty sure our education taught me in flipping FIRST YEAR that giving b-blockers to an asthmatic is a no-no. (This was one of the stuff-ups the locum made. I was like… Are you kidding me?)

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