That What You Fear The Most

I spent so long being afraid I didn’t know enough, or that I wasn’t working hard enough, that by the time exams were upon me I had lost the power of sleep.

Even after a relatively pain-free first hurdle – the clinical examination – I still didn’t trust myself.

Two days later in the first or our written papers, my head was so fuzzed I couldn’t connect what I knew with the questions on the page – and I working at a snail’s pace, I simply ran out of time.

So, like Crazy Mary, what I feared the most just met me halfway.


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2 responses to “That What You Fear The Most

  1. All the best advice that springs to mind you probably already know, so all I’ll say is: see you at the other side. Hoping for the best, and look forward to the rest.

    Take care.

  2. Hugs sweetie! I hadn’t seen anything on FB from you so i have been quietly wibbling and crossing fingers for you! The fingers are still crossed and there are hugs anytime you think it will help!

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